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I’m still alive everyoneee XD And thank you so much for your lovely messages, I read them all and wow, somehow they made leaving this blog harder and more hurtful ;A;

Well, but this is not the main point. I wanna tell you that there is finally another Taoris blog for you guys. So if you love Taoris, follow that blog for update XD 

Love love love XOXO 

P/s: If you - the ones who are running that blog want Fuckyeahtaoris URL, simply drop a message in my askbox and I’ll give you it, ok? ^^~ I really wanna help 



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Fanart by sailingJ



Kris was an angel and Zitao was a daydreamer.

Kris wishes to become a human and Zitao wishes to float in the sky as an angel.

Because Kris has fallen for a human and Zitao has fallen for an angel.

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cr: JMrose


O n c e there was a town protected by a guardian: a mighty dragon that watched over the town and cared for its people deeply. But as all good things are subject to, the mighty beast was tainted with evil. A wicked aura made its way into the dragon’s soul and consumed his heart. The dragon suddenly wanted more than the love the townspeople offered. He wanted more than festivals in his name that were nothing more than excuses to eat good food and get drunk. Yifan wanted more. He wanted something in return for his dedication to the city for centuries.

The skies grew dark and the demands for offerings bellowed through the torrid winds and shook even the strongest of buildings.

With the city in chaos and consumed in flames, the king called upon his trusted monks to quell the beast’s rage. They trapped Yifan in the body of a human man and imprisoned him in their great stone hall high atop the mountain.

For decades Yifan was offered sacrifices of pure virgin souls in the hopes that an innocent would make its way into his heart and rid his body of the evil that buried itself deep inside him so many years ago.

Yifan grows tired of this ritual, of the people being afraid of him. He wants to be the great guardian he once was. He wants to feel love again.

When a young man, a monk-in-training, is assigned the task of bringing the dragon his meals, Yifan never would have expected to grow attached to him. He never would have expected this young man to be the answer.

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